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Termite Protection

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


We give builders real benefits and genuine protection.

Only one termite mesh company has a proven commitment across Australia to protecting the reputation of builders and their clients. We never take our clients or their reputation for granted. At the end of the day it’s all about protecting your homes from termites. And that also means protecting you.

Home owners like the Termimesh System because it's highly effective and offers the reassurance of the best warranty. We look after owners long after handover of the home. We stand by our product, deal with home owners direct and handle any issues. Our superior product and our ongoing back-up makes for happy home owners and happy builders. The toughest and safest termite mesh in the business. Since 1992 we've been working side by side with Aussie builders to develop the most effective and robust termite proof mesh. Our installations work for the builder, the trades and the home owner. The only ones who aren‘t happy are the termites.

We’ve also been working hard off-site. The Termimesh System has constantly been refined and improved to ensure the most technically advanced mesh is always available to our clients. End of story.

We deliver decades of refined on-site experience. Only years of practice and on-site experience leads to total understanding of mesh installations and a happy life for builders.

We know what builders and trades need to make jobs run smoothly. Our years of experience save builder’s time, stress and money during all stages of the installation process. We know termites and we know building. Our installers, schedulers and supervisors are the best because of their extensive building background and rigorous training in termite protection.

With our decades of experience we’ve met every onsite challenge and have solved them all.

What is the Termimesh System? A marine grade stainless steel mesh designed to be the superior termite barrier. Termites cannot penetrate or damage the Termimesh System. The apertures are too small for termites to squeeze through and the steel too hard for them to chew through. How does the Termimesh System work? It is installed during construction around service pipes coming through the slab and in the cavity walls as a physical barrier, sealing off these hidden termite entry points. Is Termimesh proven? Yes. The system has been protecting Aussie homes for over 20 years. Over 400,000 homes are being protected by Termimesh right now.

It has been extensively tested by CSIRO and is included in the Australian Standard for termite control. Termimesh also complies with Building Code of Australia and is CodeMark approved. How much is the Termimesh System? The price varies depending on the style of the home. Cheaper products do exist but none give you the total protection of Termimesh TMA 725 stainless steel. Contact us to find out how affordable Termimesh is. Alternatively it's simple for your builder to include it in your contract. Is Termimesh Guaranteed?Definitely. Only Termimesh is protected by the Pledge guarantee*.

Note: Termite barriers are designed to deter concealed access by termites. Termites can bridge any type of barrier and ongoing inspections are an important component of minimising the risk of termite attack.

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